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" Transparent Processes for
Organizational Owners (Shareholders) "

" It is My Hard Earned Money At Stake "

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Down Arrow Processes involving the Organization's Owners

Every Organization's Business Information Processes are structured in a hierarchial fashion.

Processes involving the Organization's Shareholders and Owners are the next layer in the
Process Pyramid.

An Organization seeks to maximise it's shareholder's Long Run Returns.

Corporate Governance by Transparent Fair Processes with all Shareholders ensures that Organizations cannot get either Enron-ed or Worldcom-ed or Satyam-ed.

Down Arrow Shareholders Versus Employee Battles in Large Corporations ?

Gray Arrow Humpty Dumpty - Is Shareholder Value is Linked To Employee Satisfaction ?

Gray Arrow EPS or SPE - Does Increasing Employee Learnings Increase Shareholder Earnings also ?

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Updated on 13th March 2009.
Posted on 14th June 2004.

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