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What is An Information Process ? Simple.

Interaction Between The Different P's.

People, Phones, Paper, PC's, Peripherals, Pocket Devices

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The Process-P's - A Kaytek Viewpoint
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Understanding Information Processes in your organization need not be very complicated or full of jargon-speak.

Down Arrow Every Information Process consists of Interaction between the following P's.

People Square Separator Phones Square Separator Paper Square Separator PC's Square Separator Peripherals Square Separator Pocket Devices.

All Linked To Each Other.

Possibly Via Human or Electronic Networks.

All Organizations - Traditional or Contemporary critically depend on the above 'P's.

Some more.

Some less.

The Process

The 'P's are crucial both For Voice Communications & Data Communications both within and across organizations.

Voice Communications (Telephonic Conversations) between People using Phones (including Pocket Devices like Mobile Phones, Blackberry Devices, Palm Tops, Pocket PC's), PC's and Peripherals.

Data Communications (Email, Fax, SMS Messages) between People using PC's, Phones and Peripherals like Printers, Scanners, Plotters.

The Presentation of the information in the form of Notes, Documents or Reports is on a Physical medium like Paper.

Every Information Process is just a combination of some 'P's put together.

These Information Processes ultimately determine the Personal and Organizational Productivity of your People.

And the most important 'P's - The Productivity and Profitability of your Organization.

Hence, understanding the above 'P's is vital for your organization.

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Posted on 9th July 2004.

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