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Kaytek Software Project Areas

User Interface Types Versus IT Infrastructures

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Down Arrow Explanation of the Visual :

Down Arrow The User Interface (UI) Technologies depicted on the Y-Axis are as follows :

Gray Arrow Character Interface (Non-GUI) - DOS and UNIX.

Gray Arrow Graphical User Interface (GUI) - Windows - Various Versions, Apple Mac OS, X-Windows.

Gray Arrow PC Web Browser Interfaces - Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator.

Gray Arrow Non-PC Device Web Browser Interfaces - Mobile Phone - Brew, Symbian, Non-Mobile Palm PC, Blackberry.

Down Arrow The X-Y Axis Graph Below Depicts an Overview of Software Project Technology Areas with
User Interface Types on the Y-Axis and the IT Infrastructure on the X-Axis is shown below.

Kaytek Software Project Areas Matrix of User Interface Types on the Y-Axis and IT Infrastructure Complexities on the X-Axis

Down Arrow Similarly, on the X-Axis, the types of IT Infrastructure are shown :

Gray Arrow Individual PC's Square Separator Internal Networks Square Separator Internet-Based Networks

Down Arrow The Various Different Software Technology Areas based on the above Matrix of User Interface Types and IT Infrastructures are as follows :

Gray Arrow Legacy Packages Square Separator Legacy Systems Square Separator Office Packages Square Separator Client-Server Square Separator Standard Packages Square Separator Intranets / Extranets Square Separator Websites Square Separator Mobile Computing.

Gray Arrow Visual and Brief Write-Up of Kaytek Generic Software Knowledge from Our Customer Projects - Independent of Technology, Function and Industry / Business Segment.


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