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" How To Minimize Software Project Risks ? "

Pre-Defined Service Levels

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Down Arrow How to Minimise Risks ?

Both the customer and developer risks are minimised by having joint agreements and sign-offs on requirements via standard methodologies during every phase of the software project - Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Support.

All work done by us is as per Kaytek-defined client-required and negotiated service levels as per the different phases of the project.

Kaytek uses a development methodology modified from ESA (European Space Agency) software development methodology.

We are of course open to follow any methodology suggested by our clients based on the needs of the project.

Down Arrow Some Kaytek Software Project Management Service Level Metrics are the following :

Gray Arrow Customer Emails to be replied within 3 hours on Kaytek working days.

Gray Arrow Customer Telephone Calls to be replied on the same day.

Gray Arrow Customer Requirements (whether Verbal or Written) to be documented and communicated to the customer as soon as possible.

Gray Arrow A Kaytek Customer Support Person is available on Call for 24 Hours (including nights and weekends) during any Critical Period of the Software Operation. The Critical Period Dates & Timings are as per the customer requirements.

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