Down Arrow A Riot of Colors

Gray Arrow This article was first written in 2004. It is being reproduced because it highlights an important aspect of Information Technology Work - The Increasing Global Diversity of IT Work Force all over the world. This underscores the need for effective social and cultural integration between IT Professionals of different nationalities and geographies. Making the IT Community a truly global one.

Gray Arrow New ! Medium Article A Riot of Colors - Revisited - 28th March 2019.

Last Sunday (7th March 2004), besides a holiday ; was also HOLI Day in India.

HOLI (pronounced as 'Holy') is a traditional National Indian Festival celebrated across all castes and communities.

It is called as the Festival of Colors.

An occasion when colored Powder and water is sprayed joyously on friends and relatives.

People's identities become indistinguishable, with their faces covered in assorted colors - Pink, Red, Green and many more.

Our neighbourhood community also celebrated Holi with great joy.

Two US girl students, on a Rotary exchange program in India with a neighbour, were absolutely enjoying themselves.

Their faces fully masked with a medley mix of colors.

Their foreign identities were not visible, except perhaps for the Color of their Hair.

A friend remarked " They look just like us."

Many years ago, one of India's most visible Visionary Tech CEO had once mentioned

" When you walk into a foreign customer's office, the color of your skin is visible. You cannot hide that."

Sometimes, skin color colors sensibilities (perhaps insensitively.)

It's (Alas) true all over the world.

It also causes us to perhaps push ahead in our minds, Already Active Assumptions, Pre judged Perceptions in our interactions with Alien(??) foreigners.

The Twin Troubles of Either Ignorance Or / And Arrogance.

Sometimes, faulting foreigners with our (Mis) Fortunes and Failures.

Fortunately, Technology conceals color.

And is Blatantly Bias Blind.

Causing An Osmosis Across All Shores. IP addresses too are nationality agnostic.

All Over.

A Last Thought : If Heaven had an IP address, none of us would perhaps need to seek God to seek his saviours.

Or would we ?