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Can an IT Services Company

Walk The Walmart Way ?

Walmartization of Global IT Services

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT Consulting Perspectives

WALMART is a global Multi National Retail Giant operating in many countries around the world.

It has successfully brought about rapid changes in the retail market place by it's unrelentless focus on customer delight, continous cost cutting and Every Day Low Pricing Philosophy.

This is done using advanced proprietary supply chain management techniques and large scale computerized operations.

What is Walmartization ?

In a flat virtually connected world where competition in the IT services industry is global, Kaytek visualises the entire range of IT Services being Walmartized namely IT Consulting, IT Operations (including IT Hardware Services), IT Software Design and Development and IT Education.

This means using WALMART like strategies to :

Gray Arrow Continously Lower Customer's IT Costs.

Gray Arrow Broad Width and Depth of IT Services.

Gray Arrow Cheerful Customer Experiences & Delight.

Gray Arrow Global Scalability via IT-Leveraged Internal Operations.

IT Companies should try emulate some of Walmart's best practices for global industry leadership.

In February 2004, the idea of Walmartization of IT Services was publicly mentioned first by Kaytek Director in the following articles :

Gray Arrow " Willing, Waiting, In-The-Wings Walmarts ? "

Gray Arrow "May the Force Be With You"

Gray Arrow " Developing Software is Not Rocket Science, or Is it ?"

Down Arrow We did predict the future....

Six months later, the CEO of one of India's Top 3 IT Sofware Services Giants spoke of his organization as the WALMART of Global Software Services from India in the Business Today Issue of August 2004.

Gray Arrow Find Out - More predictions for the Indian IT Industry.

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