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Integrating UGS ( SolidEdge & NX)

CAD Software with PDM (Product

Data Management) and ERP solutions

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Down Arrow EAI - Integrating CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software with PDM (Product Data Management) and ERP Technologies

Kaytek Consulting Director assisted a USA Based ETO / MTO - ( Engineering / Manufacturing To Order ) Organization seeking suggestions for integrating their CAD - UGS - SolidEdge and NX Products based systems with a PDM (Product Data Management) and other ERP solutions being evaluated by them. Consulting inputs are given below.

Gray Arrow Your query as regards UGS CAD ( SolidEdge and NX) -> PDM -> Quality -> Manufacturing integration.

Perhaps, one possible solution for the same could be :

CAD (UGS SolidEdge and NX ).

--> PDM (UGS's collaborative PDM Solution - Team Center Express + See Point 1.0 Below.)

--> Quality (Depends both on PDM and ERP Solutions that are being evaluated.)

--> Manufacturing Integration (Depends on PDM and Extent of Integration with ERP Solutions - See Point 2.0 below.)

1.0 - Various Other PDM options are possible for UGS SolidEdge & NX as per the latest SolidEdge Reference Guide.

2.0 - Extent of Integration with ERP Solution could be simple one way from CAD to PDM, BOM (Bill Of Materials), BOI (Bill of Information) Creation & Management, Documents / CAD File Visualization - both 2D / 3D and workflow management for engineering changes, BOM release to manufacturing, product structure management. etc.

3.0 - UGS Team Center Express is designed to work with MS Windows Architecture family and associated products.

4.0 - UGS NX currently offers programming interfaces using MS .NET Framework (either Visual Basic (VB) or C Sharp (C#) programming languages) and also Open C and C++ Options.

Java is not yet offered as an interface language option at this point in time.

5.0 - Choice of ERP Software in your Evaluation Matrix - Points 3.0 and 4.0 should help you work on the technical decisions as regards a proper ERP software.

Perhaps Microsoft's Dynamics Family products ideally with a Vertical implementation for your ETO / MTO needs could be a possible option.

Information as regards the ERP Vendors who have been listed in the SolidEdge PDM Reference Guide needs to be verified as regards their integration with UGS products.

This would be both for the degree and neatness of their Out Of the Box integration with UGS.

I am not sure as to what level you would be able to minimize customisation.

UGS's Team Express does claim a 'gen + ERP Interface.....'.

You need to obviously check it out, especially in light of technical issues as regards CAD ERP integration.

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