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" What are your Manufacturing Sector Experiences ? "

Kaytek Consulting / Software Projects &

Experiences for Manufacturing Organizations

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Software Experiences In Manufacturing Sector

Kaytek has varied software & systems experiences with different kinds of manufacturing organizations - both process & discrete in multiple technology areas. An overview is given below.

Down Arrow Overall

Gray Arrow Integration of a CAD (Computer Aided Design) with PDM (Product Data Management) and ERP Software - Some suggestions on the same.

Down Arrow Industry / Business Segment - Manufacturing - Process

Down Arrow Technology Area - Non-ERP Integrated Software

Gray Arrow Complete computerization project for a Marine (Sea) Food Exporter involving Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Costing Modules.

Gray Arrow Marine / Sea Food Processor and Manufacturer - 4 Page Visual Overview of Organizational Supply Chain and Proposed Integrated Information Systems.

Gray Arrow Contract Soap Manufacturer - Brief Study of Customised Inventory Accounting System at Factory Cum Head Office.

Down Arrow Industry / Business Segment - Manufacturing - Discrete

Down Arrow Technology Area - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Gray Arrow High Precision Steel Balls Manufacturer - Considering ERP Tier-1 Vendor - Brief Study of Customer's Existing ERP Documentation.

Gray Arrow Forgings Manufacturer - Checklist Of Points for Moving German Subsidiary's ERP Operations Offshore to India.

Gray Arrow Metal Ingots Manufacturer - Seeking To Replace Legacy Software Systems with ERP - Kaytek Selection Guidance.

Down Arrow Industry / Business Segment - Manufacturing - Discrete

Down Arrow Technology Area - Non-ERP Integrated Software

Gray Arrow Textile Machinery Manufacturer - Purchase / Inventory / Quality / Bill of Materials System.

Gray Arrow Orthopaedic Instruments Manufacturer - Integrated Sales/Inventory System

Gray Arrow Pharmaceutical Company - Sales Order, Invoicing, Inventory System.

Gray Arrow Government Public Sector Metal Company - Design / Development / Implementation of Accounting System

Gray Arrow Diamond Tool Tips Manufacturing Company - Technical Calculations, Excise / Sales Accounting / Financial Accounting.

Gray Arrow Gear Manufacturing Company - Specialised Gear Technical Calculations Software

Gray Arrow Wire Manufacturing Company - Employee Information and Payroll Calculations Software

Gray Arrow Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Company - Sales Order Processing Software

Down Arrow China Specific

A Chinese automobile company has developed a facility to automatically digitally copy and re-engineer an entire automobile in a matter of 3 months time creating CAD (Computer Aided Design) 3D (3 Dimensional) blueprints of all the automobile components.

This is only a small pointer of the challenges ahead for all global manufacturers (including software).

Gray Arrow Experiences of an Indian Manufacturing Executive's first visit to China.

Down Arrow Industry / Business Segment - Manufacturing - Discrete

Down Arrow Technology Area - Non-ERP Integrated Software

Gray Arrow Steel Products Manufacturer - Support and Development of Simple MIS (Management Information) System for Managing Director's Office.

Gray Arrow Metal Handicraft Manufacturing Exporter - Consultancy in selecting and integrating standard Accounting with Costing System and Export Documentation System from available third parties.

Gray Arrow Moulded Luggage Manufacturer - Study done of Bill of Materials, Production Planning, Sales/Purchase Systems.

Gray Arrow Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Company - Brief Feasibility Study of Factory Computerisation

Gray Arrow Shirt Exporter - Detailed Systems Study done of Materials / Information Flows at Mumbai Operations.

Gray Arrow Confectionary Sweets Producer - Overview Of Costing Systems.

Gray Arrow Instrumentation Manufacturer - PC interface to Spectrophotometer.

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