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Death of An MBA ? - 3

(Arm-Chair ?) Consulting Over

'Dirty' Hands-On Work ?

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Educational Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow 3.0 - Preference for Consulting Work Over 'Dirty' hands-on Operational Work

In an earlier Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, MBA's were compared to spectators in a circus who watch their colleagues (the lion tamers) struggle with the lions in the cage (real life problems) trying to make them perform (provide solutions for the real world.

Most MBA's prefer to be 'Arm Chair Analysts' wanting to plan, analyze and suggest rather than 'Dirty Drudgery Doers' who actually execute & do the 'dirty' operational work.

Down Arrow Why are many MBAs called

Managers By Advice or Managers By Analysis or Managers By Arrogance rather than

Managers By Action ?

They need to critically look within themselves for the answer.

Most Organizations want employees (including MBA's) who can execute to a pre-defined business plan. Not just sit back and plan grand strategic moves.

Do question the plan if you are not comfortable with the same. But once agreed upon jointly, then 'doing' is the key to moving ahead.

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