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" How Fast Can I climb the ERP Career Pyramid ? "

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Insights

This Path is for ERP Functional or Technical Experienced Professionals.

These are people with Substantial, Specialized (Both Broad Breadth and Deep Depth) Implementation and Domain Expertise in Organizations using ERP Solutions.

These organizations would have Specific Focussed Vertical Products, Services Offerings or / and be present in different geographic locations.

In terms of ERP Career Prestige and Earnings, these careers are the most prestigious as they promise high level of rewards commensurate to the responsibilities and expertise.

Leverage Knowledge And Technology

ERP Industry Specific or Business Specific Skills - Implementation for a specific ERP software or it's modules in an organization with specific Products, Services or Geography. The Application Domain specialization could either be in terms of Vertical Industry Knowledge, Horizontal Business Function or a Geography.

Their Expertise may be in any of the following areas :

Gray Arrow Particular Business / Non-Business Vertical Segments Industry or Business Sectors of Organizations that specialize in Offerings that could either be a

Gray Arrow Specific Product or Range of Similar Products,

Gray Arrow Specific Service or Range of Services and / or

Tip ! Gray Arrow One Path of Evolution & Career Growth from Specific Industry / Business / Non-Business Type Knowledge is Working Towards A Independent Generic Approach at Higher Levels of Abstraction.

This helps in mapping one's specific skillsets to a broader canvas so as to make them useful across multiple different organizations within a particular industry vertical and maybe even across different industry verticals.

Gray Arrow Specific Geographic Regions of a similar nature.

Gray Arrow A Horizontal Functional Process.

Gray Arrow And / or A Specialized Combination of any of the above.

The Key in having a successful Industry Specialist ERP Career is a successful track record across various ERP implementations in multiple organizations within the said vertical segment.

Gray Arrow Experienced Technical and Functional ERP Professionals seeking our ERP-Industry / Business Specialist Career Mentoring Services, kindly email your queries and latest Resume as per our guidelines.


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