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SAP Accounting Careers with Global Corporates

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow SAP Careers within Large Global Corporates

Within large global corporates, in the future, Experienced Chartered Accountants (CA's) can perhaps look ahead to a Functional career in SAP R/3's following Money related Accounting and Financial Software Modules :

Gray Arrow FI - Financial

Gray Arrow CO - Controlling

Gray Arrow EC - Enterprise Controlling &

Gray Arrow TR - Treasury Modules.

Kaytek Money SAP Modules FI CO EC TR

More details on the above modules are available here.

After the various accounting related frauds & scams all over the world, there is increasing focus on Accounting Systems Transparency and Corporate Governance.

CA's (or CPA's) will be required to increasingly ensure the compliance of a Large Organization's SAP Usage in the above Financial Accounting Area to the regulatory norms.

Evolving Corporate Governance Norms such as SEBI's (Securities and Exchange Board of India) Clause 49 requirements for listed Indian companies, Sarbanese Oxley Requlations for Indian companies proposing to list in the US, etc have created opportunities for Accountants in India having experience on quality accounting systems with strong controls.

SAP as an integrated system across not only Accounting Functions, but other functions is pretty strong in this area.

As can be seen from the range and scope of functionality of the accounting and finance modules above, they are quite comprehensive both in terms of their integration with other SAP components as well as for specific types of businesses.

Hence, it is a natural choice for large organizations as a core foundation for their accounting systems.

The focus is not just regulatory reporting within the accounting domain but also strong management controls and extensive business events and exceptions analysis so as to help build a strong financial foundation.

There are also opportunities for country specific customization based on the reporting & other regulatory requirements.

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