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Technical Careers in SAP

Software Programming Language - Java

Will it replace ABAP/4 within SAP environments ?

Moving From Java to SAP's Netweaver.

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

JAVA is generic across different technology environments.

In SAP operating environments, Java will not take over ABAP/4.

Both will continue to co-exist.

ABAP/4 is a SAP specific.

Java Programming Skills are useful for SAP Careers because Netweaver ( External Link ) which is SAP's Middleware Technology (to integrate between SAP and Non-SAP environments) recognizes both Java and ABAP/4 Software Components as being integral within IT Environments.

SAP's Composite Application Framework envisages serving Internal and External users via composite applications available as Enterprise Services using Netweaver to connect different ERP, CRM, SRM enterprise systems.

These Composite Apps could either be SAP xApps or Partner XApps that are custom built.

In the same, both J2EE ( Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition ) and ABAP Application platforms are supported building on the Database and Operating System Layer Abstractions at the lowest level.

Down Arrow Netweaver has various integration layers as shown below :

Gray Arrow The Process Integration (Integration Broker and Business Process Management - BPM) Layer.

Gray Arrow The Information Integration ( Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Master Data Management) Layer.

Gray Arrow The People Integration ( Multi-channel Access, Enterprise Portal and Collaboration) Layer.

All these layers are built on top of J2EE and ABAP Application Platforms.

Since SAP's Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) which encompasses the above technologies is a long term technology roadmap, Java skills would not become obsolete under future SAP environments.

Netweaver works at all levels of the software application stack. It has many components.

With Java knowledge, to move to Netweaver, one can get started with SAP's Netweaver Developer Studio. SAP also has various authorised Netweaver education courses with codes TEP10, TADM series, TAW series etc.

Down Arrow Shifting from Java to SAP

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