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SAP Specific Software Development
Knowledge for a SAP Software Career.

Technical Careers in SAP - Software Area

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Down Arrow SAP Software Skills - Design and Development

Down Arrow Software Development Knowledge

Down Arrow Software Development Involves Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance and Documentation Skills across the three logical software Layers.

These would be the Front End User Interface Layer, Back End Database Storage Layer and Middle Layer Integrating the Above Two Layers.

These 3 logical layers are present in any software - whether Standard Software or Customized Software.

Down Arrow In the SAP Environment, this would translate as knowledge of the following :

Gray Arrow Front End - SAP Presentation Layer Knowledge.

Gray Arrow Middle - SAP Application Layer Knowledge.

Gray Arrow Back End - SAP Back End Database Layer Knowledge.

Gray Arrow Software Development across the above layers would be done using Programming Languages such as ABAP/4 & Java whose knowledge will also help under SAP's Netweaver Environment.

Gray Arrow For SAP, knowing the 3 Software SUX L's - SQL, UML and XML is also crucial.

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