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SAP's Process Driven Structured Approach

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow SAP's Process Driven Structured Approach

In General, Sales People are more 'Interrupt Driven' in their approach and perhaps need to work a lot on fine-tuning and disciplining their thought processes for a Process Driven Methodical Logical Detailed Approach that SAP or any other complex software requires it's users and developers to have.

Many sales people find it difficult to concentrate on one topic for a large period of time and with sufficient qualitatitive thought processes.

Shallow Surface Skimming of any new learning area will not do.

You have to deep dive into technology to really use it whether in SAP or elsewhere.

Many Sales and Marketing people do not have the necessary attributes to do so.

'Interrupt-Driven' means being guided by adhoc unstructured events around you (As an example, Customer calls up, interrupts you, disturbing your current mind flow and work) and not being able to concentrate on finishing one task from beginning to end at a stretch.

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