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Can I Switch to SAP from a Sales Background ?

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Many experienced sales and marketing people are seeking career changes to SAP.

Perhaps, they have been attracted by the current boom in SAP related jobs because of the outsourcing influx to India.

In our current viewpoint, Sales and Marketing people may not necessarily have the bandwidth in the long run to handle a career in SAP.

Also, many people look at SAP's CRM module which is only one of the many modules within SAP's complex product suite.

Also, SAP is not necessarily the leader in this area. Other companies including Open Source and Hosted Solutions are forcing SAP on the back foot.

Many sales people aspiring for careers in SAP have asked us as to whether we are discouraging them from both functional and technical careers.

In our viewpoint, Technical Roles are an absolute No-No for sales persons for obvious reasons as many sales people find it difficult to absorb technical inputs.

Also, Functional Roles depend on technical Roles.

Hence it is quite difficult for Sales and marketing people to build a long term career in software or SAP.

It is not easy as most people might seem to think. However, it's not un-doable.

Given the right mindset and willingness to work, maybe it's possible.

Purely our viewpoints. We hope we are wrong.

Also, since we have also spent a substantial part of our careers in Sales and Marketing activities, so (hopefully) we are not biased.

It is extremely important to take a long term view of one's future career plans to avoid expensive mistakes.

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