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SAP Specific Back End Database Knowledge

Technical Careers in SAP

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow SAP Software Skills - Design and Development

There are three internal logical layers present in every software - User Interface Front End Layer, Storage Back End Layer & the Middle Layer between these two layers.

Programming for each of these layers requires distinctive skillsets and learning curves.

Down Arrow SAP Back End Database Layers Knowledge covers the following SAP software database related technologies :

Gray Arrow SAP Programming Language ABAP/4 - Development Workbench Components like The Repository - Data Models, Dictionary Types, Table Structures, Data Modeler, Query etc.

Gray Arrow Design and Programming Skills - Tables, Screens, Queries for SAP R/3 Compatible Database

Products such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2. SAP is also planning support for mySQL Database in the near future.

Gray Arrow SQL Knowledge - Knowledge of both ANSI Compliant and Database-Specific SQL (Structured Query Language).

Down Arrow Careers in SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) & Advanced Data Analytics

Gray Arrow For a career in SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) & Advanced Data Analytics, a strong knowledge of Databases would be required along with a good knowledge of the underlying SAP Modules at a Functional level.

Getting a certification in SAP BW - SAP courses TBWxx (xx from 10 - 50) is useful if one plans to employ it in a domain similar to one's current experience.

Knowledge of Crystal Reports would help as it is currently integrated into SAP BW to enhance SAP Business Explorer (BEx) which is a SAP Business Information Warehouse component for detailed reporting and analysis.

Related to the above, Business Intelligence (BI) is a safer Horizontal (Non Industry Specific) option. However, for the same, deeper & broader technical skills are required.

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