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Can I Switch to A SAP Functional or Technical Career ?

Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow Some Serious SAP Switching Suggestions :

Every software technology including SAP has 3 generic logical layers.

You have to understand the specific instantiation ( Concepts, Syntax, Rules ) of these logical layers in both your source and target (SAP) technologies in order to make the move.

Do give your proposed SAP switch a serious thought.

It's not as easy as it sounds.

A move to SAP is not a casual Stagnation Salvation Switch.

Do not enter SAP if you do not have serious software knowledge currently or the inclination to do so in the near future.

It is a Significant and Serious Shift needing technical ability, time and commitment.

SAP is a hugely vast area of knowledge and a complete business and technology ecosystem.

To capitalise effectively on the same, one needs to ensure that one is properly focussed on a specific area of specialization based on one's technical and commercial strengths.

Be clear on the different types of SAP Careers that are possible.

SAP is an ocean.

Be careful where you dive inside the ocean.

There must be islands nearby to rescue you in the rough SAP seas ahead.

Many people confuse SAP as a company with it's products. SAP is not a product.

It is a software company with multiple ERP software products and services.

Also, one must not have pre-conceived ideas or fallacies that certain areas (functional or technical) within SAP should not be touched.

Every SAP area is challenging and presents both opportunities and earnings and learnings growth.

Since it is a modular software, there are opportunities for learning both horizontally (across modules) and vertically (deep within a particular module) as per one's technical or functional knowledge.

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