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Important Factors to be considered for

A SAP Functional or Technical Career Switch

Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow Some Serious SAP Switching Factors.

SAP careers are technology & programming centric. Aspirants have to be strong in business and IT (Information Technology) skills to be able to make a successful career in SAP.

Existing technical skills which are related to the software packages that people may have worked with in an operational capacity may not be sufficient for a SAP career.

For people who are considering to switch their careers to a SAP one, the move is not very easy.

There may be different reasons for considering the same.

In most cases, it is prompted by a desire to earn more than one's current job.

An ERP software like SAP, if properly implemented can be a facilitator for achieving an organization's business goals.

And it can also act as a fast speed elevator for achieving personal career goals.

The SAP implementation team in the organization is on the radar screen of the Top Managers of the organization.

Hence, the SAP team is a crucial link between an organization's current systems and it's aspirations for a better future.

SAP Careers carry with it both risks and rewards.

Risks of poor implementation cost and time schedules, business failures due to incorrect configuration, planning and execution.

On the other hand, a properly implemented ERP system like SAP usually

propels an organization into a higher more profitable business orbits and careers in a fast track mode.

Rewards for the SAP implementation team usually mean not only higher earnings, but also higher learnings and responsibilities.

And also leading to telephone calls from head hunters wooing them with attractive offers from competing organizations.

Hence SAP Careers are always an obvious attraction for people wanting to move into more visibile responsible job profiles within or outside the organization.

Down Arrow For moving to SAP, the following Inter-related factors are also important :

Square Separator Age Square Separator Quality of Experience Square Separator Industry Usage Square Separator Networking Square Separator Unique Knowledge Square Separator Start Slowly Square Separator

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