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ERP - Suggested Steps Ahead...

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A Note Of Caution while implementing ERP

ERP Implementation Projects worldwide have had a mixed record in terms of successes and failures.

Even in India, some organisations who have gone in for ERP investments have not been able to leverage the full benefits of the same as planned due to various reasons.

Some ERP vendors in India have used customers here as an educational platform to help their staff / consultants get ERP project complete life cycle experiences before leveraging the same for earning Dollars Overseas. No problems, except that Indian customers may not like being used as Guinea pigs.

At the same time, because the IT-Usage Maturity of Indian Customer Organisations tends to be lower as compared to Western Customers, ERP project implementations are more challenging, leading to possibly higher costs.

Only those companies who have successfully re-engineered their business processes with complete organisational acceptance have got benefits from their ERP investments.

An ERP Project is not just a money investment.

It needs ongoing management commitment and support at all levels to critically re-examine current processes of working and be prepared to continously strive to keep improving the same.

The ERP Path is Tough No Doubt, but can prove to be fruitful.

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To assist our customers in this critical Area, Kaytek suggests the following broad areas of work :

Down Arrow Exhaustive Study of your existing Operations, Current Information Systems

A detailed study to be carried out under the guidance of Kaytek Director assisted by Customer Personnel ( IT & Functional) documenting the major Current Business processes and Information Flows in an integrated fashion. The summary key findings of the above study would be then presented and discussed with Directors and Senior Management Team. Some Earlier Brief ERP Related Studies can be found here.

A Valid Doubt may arise in your mind !! How can we understand your business quickly as well as you do ? Please spend a moment on our Page for our Abstract Generic Thoughts for Information Systems !

It will give you an overview as to how we leverage our Abstract Generic Knowledge to understand your business !!

Down Arrow Preparation of Detailed Specifications of ERP systems based on Future Business Scope and Functionality.

In this phase, Kaytek shall translate Customer's current and future business objectives into specific Future IT Systems Objectives based on business volumes, functionality and scope.

Kaytek would also help the customer prepare the broad specifications and requirements of the proposed ERP systems and their Module-level-wise functionality.

Down Arrow Selection of ERP Infrastructure Vendor/s for the customer.

Based on Customer's detailed ERP requirements as finalised above, Kaytek would assist in the selection of suitable ERP vendors.

Our role for the project would be completed with our recommendation for the selection of a ERP suitable vendors and products by the customer.

Down Arrow ERP Implementation / Post-Implementation Activities.

In this phase, Kaytek acts as the Bridge between Customer and ERP Vendors for ERP Project Management Activities and ERP Systems Implementation.

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