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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

ERP Resources for CEO's - Chief Executive Officers.

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Down Arrow IT Problems faced by CEO's of Small - Medium Sized Enterprises in India.

Down Arrow At the SAP Emerging Enterprises Summit in Mumbai in June 2007, NASSCOM presented some key findings from their survey of problems in IT Adoption, Deployment amongst Micro, Small To Medium Sized Businesses in India.
Some of the Key Insights are as follows :

Gray Arrow Lack of Understanding on part of CEO's to understand the value of IT.

Gray Arrow Their unwillingness to get involved in the complexity of managing the IT landscape.

Gray Arrow The IT Investment Model is Capital Expenditure Oriented competing with Non-IT Plant & Machinery.

Gray Arrow Lack of Internal Skilled IT Staff within their organizations.

Gray Arrow Lack of Interest from Large IT firms in the small business segment.

Gray Arrow Lack of Solution Capabilities in IT firms & focus on pushing individual components rather than full-fledged solutions.

Down Arrow Gain from Our Insights

Gray Arrow A successful ERP project implementation creates valuable Intellectual Property within the organization.

All possible mechanisms need to be explored as to how this IP can be protected & further innovatively leveraged for industry leadership.

An organization's Business Transformation Lessons using IT could help it provide leading light solutions for other weaker players in the industry in the future.

Gray Arrow Your organization's underlying assumption for the ERP project should be achieving operational business goals & ensuring that shareholders benefit from the maximum alignment of IT spend to future business value via demonstrable performance metrics in the areas of Revenue Generation, Cost Control & Stakeholder Satisfaction.

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