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Basic Questions to Ask Within The

Organization Before going in for an ERP

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT - ERP Consulting Perspectives

Gray Arrow What business (or businesses ) are you in currently and over the next 3 years ?

Gray Arrow What are your strengths, weaknesses in technology utilization as compared to your peers & competitors & other industry players in your sector ?

Gray Arrow Have ERP Solutions been successful in your Industry or Business Sector ?

If Yes, Where and Why ?

If No, Where and Why ?

Gray Arrow What are your ERP Objectives ?

Down Arrow How will you use ERP to help your organization achieve it's 3 business objectives of :

Gray Arrow Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues / Increasing Incomes ?

Gray Arrow Kaytek Cutting Costs Cutting Costs / Eliminating Expenses ?

Gray Arrow Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Internal and External Stakeholders - Owners, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Regulators and others ?

Gray Arrow Have the above objectives been adequately quantified ?

Gray Arrow Have you looked at the standard off the shelf ERP software solutions already available in the market ?

Gray Arrow What is the existing status of your computerisation programme in terms of your current existing manual / automated systems ?

Gray Arrow What systems have been already automated ?

What has been the degree of integration between these systems ?

Gray Arrow Will the manual systems be computerised as it is or would the manual systems be suitably modified / changed to take advantage of the efficiencies to suit in the manner suggested by the ERP software ?

Gray Arrow Have the detailed system-wise work flows, screen / report formats, detailed software requirements been finalised ?

Gray Arrow What is the business growth rate expected over the next few years ?

Gray Arrow What are current and future business opportunities and constraints ?

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