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A Sound ERP Strategy is Absolutely Vital

for the Future of Your Organization

Do you Have One ?

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Today's transparent Internet driven economy guarantees that organizations that use information smartly with the help of ERP systems thrive and prosper globally.

A typical executive spends only 5 % of his / her time on decision making.

The remaining 95 % time is gathering (searching) data, consolidating information for the 5% decision making activity.

Down Arrow Choice of ERP Solution

Enterprise Software Vendors address (and should be doing more effectively) the 95 % problem within the context of the organizational boundaries and beyond (maybe with thousands of users and information stores).

In a global business jungle, organizational animals of all sizes and shapes, from elephants,tigers, goats, rats and even ants co-exist.

All will have different Enterprise (including ERP) nervous systems. For large enterprises, SAP has it's (rightful) place in the jungle. So, do the other ERP Vendors.

An ERP Strategy cannot be considered in isolation of an Organization's Overall IT and Business Strategy.

You have to first plan your strategy based on your organization's position in the marketplace.

This positioning has to be global in today's business scenario.It has to be aspirational & realistic based on your resources.

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