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Brief Overview Checklist of Points To Consider

Before A SAP Implementation Project

" Plan. Do. Check. Act. "

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT - ERP Consulting Perspectives

Down Arrow For a Middle-East based organization planning to implement mySAP, Kaytek provided a brief overview of points to consider for the implementation project. These are mentioned below.

Down Arrow Overview

Gray Arrow The whole SAP implementation process is a long long cycle. It is better for the organization and the vendor to understand and set mutual expectations right at the beginning since most ERP projects have a high risk of failure.

Down Arrow SAP Integration Issues

Gray Arrow What happens to your existing legacy systems ? Are they going to be interfaced internally with SAP or outside it ?

What happens to non mySAP ERP applications that will continue to remain in operation ?

Will they be interfaced with mySAP or not ?

If so, then have you looked at the integration decisions that need to be taken ?

Down Arrow SAP Project Implementation Issues

What implementation methodology is your partner planning to adopt ?

SAP's ASAP (Accelerated SAP Implementation) or some other methodology ?

You have mentioned that you will implement mySAP completely.

It is a large product.

Which modules are you going in for ? What are the time frames for implementation ?

Have the 'TO-BE' deliverables finalised ?

Have the project milestones been finalised ?

Have the time, cost, quality and project calendar schedules been frozen for data migration, new development and implementation ?

Down Arrow SAP Implementation Resources Points

What manpower resources does your current implementation partner have ?

Have you looked at the resumes / CV's of the individuals in their team who will be working on your project ?

Have you met them ? Have these resources been committed to your project for it's entire duration ?

Do they past domain experience and knowledge in your line of business ? Have you verified their credentials independently ?

In any implementation, the scenarios for full authorization have to be defined and agreed upon in advance.

Has that been done ?

Down Arrow SAP Hardware Issues

Who will take project responsibility for the SAP IT Infrastructure and the hardware ?

Your Hardware Vendor or your IT Department or the SAP Implementation Vendor ?

Down Arrow SAP Implementation Project Legal and Contractual Issues

Where is your Vendor based ? In your country or elsewhere ?

Where will the contract jurisdiction be ? In your country or elsewhere ?

Also, ask your SAP implementation vendor for their standard contract.

That can then be subsequently modified as per your specific business, legal and technical requirements.

Or else take help from consultants who are willing to offer you SAP implementation templates and the same can then be modified.

You need to think about the above issues and some more.

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