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SAP Education & Certification Is Expensive.

Should I invest in the same ?

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Down Arrow Question - 1 : Should I Invest in a SAP Certification ?

Gray Arrow Since SAP Authorised Training and Certification Costs are quite high (by Indian Currency Standards), please think very carefully and explore all possibilities before investing in the same.

SAP Certification may be a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for a long-term SAP Career.

'Necessary' because without it, you may not even get a start.

'Not sufficient', because having completed a SAP course is not necessarily an easy ticket to a high paying or even the first SAP job.

It tells you that perhaps you are perhaps equipped to start running the SAP race.

You still have to run it.

And (hopefully) win it.

In the long run, A SAP Certification may be advantageous specially if one wants to work overseas with Reputed Multi-National Companies or Large Indian Software Companies.

In case you are aiming for a global SAP Career, then you may find the authorised SAP Certification as an added feather in your skills armoury.

However, be absolutely clear on what area of SAP you would like to get further trained on.

It must make the necessary business and technical sense to your career goals.

Also, is your current organization planning to implement SAP ?

If so, OK.

If not, how would you recover your SAP Investment in Training and Certification ?

Prepare a Decision Tree Computing the Net Present Value (NPV) of the Projected Incremental Cashflows ( Inflows - from Increased Salaries directly attributable to your SAP Training and Outflows - SAP Training Course & Certification Expenses) to help understand the SAP Authorised Training & Certification options.

There are many SAP Authorised Courses.

You must choose one depending on your current knowledge, educational levels, career interests and level of functional and technical skillsets that you possess or are willing to invest in.

Talk to people who have done the course. Get both positive and negative feedback and learn from those expriences

Do not let your anxiety to catch the SAP bandwagon cripple your decision making abilities.

After working out the NPV figures, you could perhaps also arrive at the conclusion that SAP could perhaps be your destination, not a starting point.

To find out more on a Decision Tree or NPV, you may perhaps Google for the same in the Web Option below.

Ultimately the decision to invest in a SAP Certification should be done when you have thorougly understood how SAP fits in the scheme of both your current and present career objectives as well as the enhanced global opportunities that may come your way once you have an authorised certification status.

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