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SAP Education and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow For an individual aspiring for SAP Certification, the 3 key M questions are :

Down Arrow Do you have the mindset to work with Complex ERP Systems and Solutions ?

Software is complex. An Enterprise Software like SAP that manages Enterprise M-Assets such as The Men (& Women) , Methods, Money, Markets, Mortar-Brick, Machines, Messages & More... is much more complex.

It's complexity results in a continous demand pattern for SAP professionals since organizations do not buy ERP software especially SAP every day.

So, SAP Careers have an assured continuity to them as long as the SAP professional is delivering on the business and technological front.

But you need to have the skills, attributes, temperament to understand SAP software.

Not everybody can do it.

Gray Arrow Do you have sufficient money for a certified SAP course ?

SAP is an expensive software.

Not only in terms of cash but also in terms of the time & resources required to understand the same.

Also, SAP as an organization believes in a tightly controlled business model eco-system of training, consulting and implementation partners.

You can only get certified from SAP from their Authorized Training Partners. SAP Courses globally are expensive.

You have to look at your current financial situation and present and future cash flows to decide as to whether you are ready to committ the financial investment required for a fruitful SAP career.

Gray Arrow How will you manage getting your first SAP job and the Career Path ahead ?

Assuming you have the mindset and the money for a SAP training program, how will you manage your first SAP career move after you have completed your training certification ?

It depends on the quality of functional and technical experience that you already possess now.

Your personal skill levels and the knowledge and confidence that you have that armed with your SAP Authorised Certification status can help you.

Gray Arrow SAP has to improve the ROI - Return On Investment of an organization.

It also depends on what impact you can demonstrate to your future SAP employer on your ability to help make a difference to the organization's business goals.

An Organization invests in a software to achieve their 3 broad business objectives which are as follows :

.....Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs
Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues
..... Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders

Like other ERP software, SAP is a key technology foundational enabler to help an organization achieve the above goals.

You as a SAP professional are an important organizational team player whose Job's Key Performance Measures and ultimate success will depend on the same.

Our Director has answered many questions on online forums from people interested in SAP Education and Certification.

Down Arrow Some of these answers are mentioned below:

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