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SAP products are very large and complex.

Is a 30 Day Official SAP Course sufficient ?

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Down Arrow Question-3 : Is a 30 Day SAP Official Course Sufficient for a Career Start ?

30 Days is a lot of time for any course, even for SAP which is a complex and completely integrated system with many inter-related modules.

A 30 day course exposes you to the concepts of SAP, the tables, the screens, the transaction flows, the documents, the inter-relationships between the different modules and the important configuration settings and short-cuts.

It does assume a certain level of base IT and business knowledge.

However, no interviewer will only hire you on the basis of a 30 day course.

It is your track record prior to the SAP course and your potential after the same which makes the decision.

It depends on one's ability to demonstrate to your future employer as how one's education (including earlier background plus the modules that you do in a certified course ) makes you a suitable SAP hire.

You also have to convince your prospective SAP employers that your experience (prior to doing the course) can help solve their business problems.

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In case you have the requisite background and qualification, a 30 day course will perhaps enable you to get an entry level trainee (or fresher) position for a SAP implementation project.

So, it is perhaps only a starting foundation to your life long SAP Skyscraper career. It will not fetch you a job.

There are enough people who discovered that doing an expensive certified technology vendor course did not help them get a job.

Also, getting a job has no direct co-relation to the number of modules that one does in a course.

You also have to remember that mastering any technology in 30 days is not possible.

One can only get an exposure to the depth of SAP or any other complex technology in this period.

Beyond the same, it is the ability of the individual to learn rapidly and assimilate the same.

There are SAP professionals who have spent more than a decade working with SAP and who still do not call themselves SAP experts.

One must remember this always in one's ERP learning journey.

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