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I cannot afford an authorised SAP Course.

What do I do ?

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Down Arrow Question-5 : I cannot afford a SAP Training. What do I do ?

Gray Arrow If you wish, try out the non-SAP authorised Training Institute at a lower cost, but perhaps a higher risk.

As a stepping stone before doing a full-fledged authorised course.

A Low Cost manner to test out one's own comfort level before investing additional time and money resources in a SAP Education Partner training program.

Also, not getting an authorised certification is not the end of the career road.

As an example, most large IT Vendors like Microsoft, SUN, IBM, NOVELL have Certified Educational Programmes directly administered either by them or their Authorised Partners.

Many times, while interviewing candidates claiming to have authorised certifications, it is discovered that they are unclear on basic conceptual foundations of the technologies for which they were claiming certifications.

Take time out of your personal life and invest in self-study.

It surely helps under proper guidance and mentoring from a 'Guru'.

Start with one hour a day and increase gradually.

There is an old saying that if you spend one hour a day for five years on any subject, you have the potential to become a national authority in that area.

At some point in time, however the self-study learnings have to be utilised to try and solve real-life technical problems from real-world business situations.

At that point in time, once you are confident and ready, check out the organizations implementing SAP and request (or maybe even beg them) to give you a chance.

Remember, real life practical experiential learning is the key !

With luck, you may perhaps get the right break !

Also, another option to look at is various Cloud based ERP Services & Solutions.

This is an area that will grow tremendously in the years ahead.

It is a good area to focus as organizations are getting geared towards using the same effectively and meaningfully.

Salesforce has positioned itself as a leader in the CRM SAAS (Software As A Service) Space.

SAP and Microsoft have also begun to react to Salesforce's SAAS Strategy and are poised to launch various Internet Cloud Based Enterprise Solutions based on Modern SOA (Software Oriented Architecture) principles.

Salesforce or other hosted applications like SugarCRM, Netsuite can be registered and used by Individual users.

Hence it is extremely suitable for people wanting to enter ERP but who cannot afford to pay high upfront costs for the official training.

Open Source ERP software solutions are also available for download by individuals who can then evaluate them for their own and organizational use. They also offer excellent opportunities for online ERP learning and gaining competence in the ERP area.

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