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SAP Careers For Fresh Software People ?

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Down Arrow Are SAP Jobs Available For Fresh Software Graduates without any Work experience ?

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Gray Arrow We have been asked the above question by almost every SAP career aspirant.

To the best of our knowledge, organizations using SAP do not recruit fresh software professionals or trainees for their SAP related functional or technical jobs.

Then, how does one start in SAP ?

First, make sure you understand the SAP Platform Administration Operational skills and the software development skills that are required for SAP.

To begin, it may be a good idea to start first with SAP Platform Administration Operations and then move to Software Development with more experience.

In case you have an aptitude for programming, you may want to focus on SAP's programming language - ABAP/4 or even Java. Then move on to SAP Netweaver.

Later on, once you get more work experience, you can look at SAP functional careers.

Quality SAP Implementation Knowledge and Configuration Work experience with Paying Customers is an absolute must.

Remember that Professional level programming or coding experience for Paying Customers at Actual Real-Life Organizations is necessary.

Not Dummy classroom simulation Projects at Training Institutes.

This is what an organization wants.

In your own house, if you are fortunate enough to perhaps afford a servant, would

you hire someone who has no experience or someone who can do the job immediately ?

Who does not have to be trained afresh.

What would you do in a similar situation ?

Go for the experienced person, naturally.

Make absolutely sure that you are qualified and committed to a long-term career in SAP.

There are many horror stories doing the rounds on ERP forums of people with Certifications, but no jobs.

Perhaps, Wrong People for Wrong Careers.

Lured By the Prospects of a Career in Overseas or Making an Easy Entry into the ERP SAP Arena !! However, one should not be discouraged.

If you are a genuine expert in SAP, you will have good work opportunities not only with multinational but also with other organizations.

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