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SAP Business One (B1) - A Brief Overview

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SAP Business One (SAP B1) is as per SAP's definition a 'Single Integrated Affordable Business Management Solution for Small & Mid-Size Enterprises' catering to Financials, Sales, Service, Purchase, Inventory & Manufacturing functionality.

( There is no global standard definition of a SME (or SMB - Small Medium or Mid-Size Business); people use either Sales Revenue or Number of Employees as a criteria for defining the same ) .

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is a completely different product as compared to SAP's mySAP Bundle of Products.

It has got Built-In Integrated modules for Business Intelligence (BI), CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) for Sales Cycle Management, Service Cycle Management, Purchasing Cycle, Production Management for Light Manufacturing, Financials and Cross-Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Capabilities as part of it's Core Offerings along with User-Defined Personalization, Configuration & a Software Development Kit.

It has got Add-On Solutions for Specialist Markets and integrates with the mySAP Business Suite.

Gray Arrow SAP B1 Implementation Period - SAP has mentioned 3-4 weeks as possible Implementation Times for the same which looks doubtful considering the traditional complexity of SAP products and the degree of ERP readiness in small organizations.

Gray Arrow Which customers may need SAP B1 ? - It is aimed at the following types of small to mid-size organizations which are :

Gray Arrow Growing Businesses with 10 to 100 employees

Gray Arrow Less Complex Business Processes

Gray Arrow Light Manufacturing Needs

Gray Arrow Disconnected Applications and scattered data

Gray Arrow End of Life outdated applications without support

Gray Arrow Outgrowing low-end financial accounting applications

Gray Arrow Subsidiaries of large enterprises especially those running SAP solutions

Being a Brand-New Software Product (with a complete new Source Code Base, not related to SAP R/3 in any fashion), in our professional opinion; it would take some time to mature and settle down in the market.

In certain markets as per our information, to promote it's initial sale and acceptance, SAP has also offered the same free to select customers.

SAP has also promised an upgrade and integration path for mySAP Business One customers to the mySAP ERP and mySAP BS Product Suites for the Medium & Large Sized Organizations respectively using SAP's Netweaver Technology.

It is our viewpoint that an organization should wait for such an integration to first happen since mySAP Business One is totally different from the other SAP products.

SAP Business One (B1) is being marketed as a 'Simple Yet Powerful' solution.

Since SAP has just launched it's first ASP (Application Service Provider) Hosted CRM solution, it would be interesting to see as to how that compares to the functionality of SAP Business One CRM Module.

Since both would perhaps be targetted at the same customer segments, in the long run SAP will have to phase out Business One and move it entirely to a hosted platform or else merge the functionalities of B1 with the modules of it's hosted solutions.

Currently, SAP maintains that B1 will not be offered as a hosted solution.

Competition in the hosted ERP space is expected to heat up both from Salesforce's App Exchange Portal as well as from Microsoft's WINDOWS Live offerings.

In India, the forthcoming launch of TALLY ERP is also expected to provide competition to SAP Business One.

In the long run, SAP will have to integrate and harmonize it's different ERP offerings into a uniform standard interface.

As long as SAP is able to maintain and enhance the different codebases of both the products in a market efficient manner, they should not have a problem with 2 different products.

However, perhaps, history has shown otherwise as regards the experience of other vendors.

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