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Can we move our ERP Operations Offshore ?

Brief Kaytek Customer Studies

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT - ERP Consulting Services

Down Arrow Industry/Business Segment - Manufacturing - Discrete

Forgings Manufacturer - Checklist Of Points for Moving German Subsidiary's ERP Operations Offshore To India.

Down Arrow Brief Checklist of Points Prepared By Kaytek as regards Information Required about the German ERP Implementation

Gray Arrow Period - Since when have the German Company's systems been live ?

Gray Arrow Quality - Is the implementation stable ? Have all software defects been rectified ?

Gray Arrow Implementation - Who has done the same ? Vendor or one of their Solution Partners ?

Down Arrow Modules - What ERP Modules are being used ?

Gray Arrow Within a module, what specific functionality is being used ?

Gray Arrow Can a module wise User Profile list be provided ?

Gray Arrow User Interface Type - What user interfaces do the modules have ?

Text or GUI based ?

Gray Arrow Language - Whether ERP Screens / Reports User Interface - Text Language is German or English or Mixed (Both) ?

Down Arrow Customisation - What level of customisation been done at the German Company ?

Gray Arrow Have the customised modules been made free of defects ?

Gray Arrow Whether complete documentation has been done by the ERP Implementation Partner for the Customised work ?

Gray Arrow Documentation - Whether it is possible to get a copy of the User and Technical Documentation of the Implementation ?

Down Arrow Connectivity to German Company's ERP System from India

Gray Arrow Whether it is possible to install ERP Client Licenses (with English language) at India's offices to access the ERP Modules being used in Germany using either a Dial Up or a Leased Line ?

Down Arrow How to Move A Mountain Offshore...

Ready To Move Your Process Pyramid ?...

Gray Arrow Information Systems - Besides ERP, what other Information Systems are being used in the following categories :

Gray Arrow Legacy Systems

Gray Arrow Office Productivity Tools

Gray Arrow Intranets

Gray Arrow Extranets

Gray Arrow Websites

Gray Arrow Application Integration - Between the ERP Systems and other systems, what Degree and depth of Application Integration has been done ?

Is the same documented ?

Gray Arrow Business Processes - Have all Critical Business and Information Processes in the areas of Order Processing, Inventory Processing, Payroll, Accounts, Fixed Assets Management, VAT, etc been documented either on Paper or Electronic Media ?

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