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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Gray Arrow New ! One of the industries where AI is poised to have a huge impact in the future is the retail sector. Perhaps not only a negative impact due to perceived job losses caused by AI based automation, but also a positive impact caused by higher productivity. Can Retailers learn fast ? - The Mystery Of The Misplaced Shoe...Can AI Help ?

Down Arrow Organized Retail Chains in India

Gray Arrow Our Perspective - Not Using Technology Sufficiently - One of The Four Strategic Mistakes Made By Organized Retailers in India.

Down Arrow Retailers in Mumbai

Gray Arrow Brief Overview Understanding of Web / Mobile Based Shared Technology & Marketing Services offered by an Individual Retail Marketing Consultant to various Small / Medium Unorganized / Semi-Organized Retailers in Mumbai.

Down Arrow Food & Grocery Chain

Gray Arrow Brief Overview Understanding of Business Operational Constraints faced by a large Pan India Organized Retailer (in a joint venture with a UK Retailing Giant) due to Improper ERP Software - SAP implementation.

Gray Arrow Using Open Source Software For Traversing Internet Based Organized Retail competitive market spaces, scraping websites & Database creation of brands, item (SKU - Stock Keeping Unit) categories, SKU's prices, stock levels etc at multiple hierarchy levels as per Global Retail Technology Standards.

Gray Arrow Indepth Study Of Website & Creation Of Merchandise Product Categories, Sub-Categories, Brands & Product SKU Database for the same.

Down Arrow etailing Chains

Gray Arrow Viewpoint - Prohibitive Physical Space, Easy E-Commerce Entry ?

Gray Arrow Study Of etailing / E-Commerce Websites in India.

Down Arrow Antique Heritage Furniture and Traditional Indian Ethnic Artefacts Retail Outlet

Gray Arrow Website / Internet Strategy- Brief Overview Details.

Down Arrow India Buying Office of Large American Retail Chain Multinational Organization

Gray Arrow Providing Staff Training and Operations support on Electronic Mail using IBM PROFS software, Credit Transfer Application and Letter of Credit system.

Down Arrow Pioneering Upmarket Food & Grocery Retail Supermarket in suburban Mumbai

Gray Arrow Managing Director's Staff Training and support on Advanced Spreadsheet models.

Gray Arrow Please email us for more details as to how we can help you align technology to your retail business goals.

Down Arrow Learnings from WALMART's Information Technology (IT) Experiences.

Gray Arrow Their Super-Smart Software Strategy.

Gray Arrow " Willing, Waiting, In-The-Wings Walmarts ? "

Gray Arrow "May the Force Be With You"

Down Arrow Large Organized Retail Chains in India

Gray Arrow Researching Opportunities for Offshore Data Analytics and software solutions for overcoming Retail Supply Chain Management Deficiences in India.

Down Arrow Fitness and Health Club Chains

Gray Arrow Strategic Advisory Services and Computerisation Feasibility study.

Down Arrow Retail Software Company

Gray Arrow Review of Operations, Strategy and Assets Valuation.

Down Arrow Clothing Chain at Universities

Gray Arrow Review of Operations of Casual Clothing Chain targetting young college students at US Academic Institutions.

Down Arrow Wine Stockists & Wholesalers

Gray Arrow Computerisation feasibility Study.

Down Arrow RFID Technologies

Gray Arrow Study of RFID Solutions / Providers.

Down Arrow Multinational Bank's Retail Operations

Gray Arrow Strategic Advisory Services and Computerisation Feasibility study of A Large Multinational European Bank's Global Mutual Fund Retail Operations.


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