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Is My Company Safe ?

A Series Of Questions To Ask Yourself

Before It Is (Hopefully) Not Too Late...

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Is My Company Safe ?

Here are a simple set of basic questions to ask yourself if your Company is safe.

For those of us fortunate to have safe jobs, perhaps an additional set of Questions to Ask.

Is my Organization An Amoeba ?

Do my Company's Top Managers See Eye-To-Eye ?

(or Is it only I-Too-I ?)

Do they know the Game in the Markets ?

Do they know the Rules ?

Do they make the Rules ?

Do they know when I am making or breaking the Rules ?

Do I know when they are making or breaking the Rules ?

Are there Smiley (Sorry, Slimy) Snakes in my Company ?

Do I like my Company's Culture ?

Don't I hate my Company's Vultures ?

Why isnt my Company A Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses Real-Time Relay Organization ?

What games do we play at the office ?

On the Organizational Table ?

Snakes-And-Ladders ?

Where do the Ladders Lead ?

Up To Leaders ?

Or Down The Dumps ?

Or Nowhere ?

Or do we play Monopoly in the Office ?

For the Boss's attention ?

Should we not be playing Monopoly in our customer's hearts and minds ?

And Their Wallets ?

Is there a Serious SAD (Saying-And-Doing) Gap to be bridged in my Company ?

How many extra zeroes are there in my CEO's Salary compared to my salary or my boss's salary ?

(Does he or she know that I am reading this article ?)

If I am the Boss, how many heroines and heroes reporting to me need extra zeroes in their salary ?

Can my Company be either Enron-ised or WorldCom-ised ?

Is Money Respected in my Company ?

Is Respect Monetised in My Company ?

Are Suppliers Respected in my Company ?

Is Respect supplied by us ?

Is My Company a Leaky Boat ?

If so, Is it a Transparent One ?

Also, if so, is it Leaking Toil, Tears and Sweat ?

Is it only My Toil, Tears and Sweat ?

Does my Manager know the Maths ??

Of Team-Work ??

That 1 Plus 1 is not 2 but 11 ?

Are we Competitor-Carnivores ?

Where is my Company on the Smiling Curve ?

Has any of our Top Management Studied History ?

Or are they already History ? Do our Company's Decision Makers know Geography ?

Can they recognise our Country's borders on a world Map ?

Do they know that the world has changed ?

Forget Them.

Should I not Change ??

Gray Arrow Is my Job Safe ?

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