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CV - Resume Preparation / Enhancement Tips

Tip # 3 - Other Important (Not to miss) Key Resume Points

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Down Arrow Mention Your Salutation in your name

In a global market, many time, foreigners and overseas recruiters cannot determine our gender from our names.

Do not make their lives even more tougher, trying to understand as to whether you are Male or Female.

Also try and use terms in your resume that are geography agnostic and not geography specific.

e.g. No Overseas Recruiter would understand country specific acronyms.

Your resume in a global world has to reflect it's international stature and positioning.

Depending on the target market of your job posting, spend time to research and understand the country specific terms that are relevant to your resume scanner.

Down Arrow State specific concrete quantitative facts

Always be specific in quantifying your benefits to the company. e.g. Your excellent skills helped in the Company achieving system implementation on time (specify Exact Calendar Months) and within budgets (Specify exact amount of money spent).

It will attract the attention of the reader & convey a positive impression of your capabilities.

Also, ensure that all quantifiable measures of performance are based on verifiable facts and not fictional figments of your (creative) imagination.

Down Arrow Intelligent Classification of Responsibilities

For Middle Level and Senior Professionals, Classify your current and previous responsibilities above as Strategic, Operational and Technical as relevant and applicable.

State how your previous and current employers have benefited by your different types of responsibilities.

Within each of the above three areas of responsibilities, specify concrete quantifiable measures of performance & career milestones.

These must be true facts that can be easily understood & cross-checked with published data wherever possible.

The cost of fudging your resume with false information can be very high both in the short and long run. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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