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Is Any Place Safe ?

The Internet has reshaped the Global Work Economy.

Jobs are Global.

As Is Competition For Them.

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Is Any Place Safe ?

Run, Baby, Run !

So goes an old song.

We have nowhere to hide....

Somebody had earlier commented to me that this Article made her realize how our individual work fits into our respective company, department or team.

However, the Job and Company Safety and Security Issue extends much beyond our immediate horizons of thinking.

One of the interesting things that globalization have done is to shrink the world, making it small and inter-connected.

The Job Safety and Security Issue Argument also can be extended to a Continent, Country, State, or City level.

Let us begin from home.

This article explains how my city Mumbai (Bombay) being the most expensive in India was attracting low-cost-digital-services competitors from elsewhere in India.

Hyderabad in India is also a good example of a city that has competed very effectively with Mumbai to attract talent and resources.

My own state, Maharashtra in India had earlier slipped behind in the race to attract large Information Technology companies investments.

They are now trying to catch up fast.

Today, there are a large number of Digitally Dark Countries in the world who are slipping behind the Entire Information Technology and Digital Revolution.

Are they safe in the Knowledge Economy ?

No. Not Unless they act fast.

Or Take the contrasting example of Super-Singapore. (I love the place). One of the most advanced Information Technology Countries in the world.

It is said that they have the highest density of the SAP R/3 ERP Software Installations in the world.

However, since the past few years it has found itself sandwiched between the Factory of the World - China and The Back Office of the World - India.

They are working very hard to strategize and recreate their unique niche globally.

Way to Go !!!

Some analysts wonder as to why some countries in Europe would probably find themselves itself at the Pit of the Smiling Curve.

Many countries in Europe (notably Germany, to some extent France and earlier UK) had earlier found themselves left behind behind the Innovation and Dynamism of the US Economy and Low Cost Asian Nations like India and China.

Can they rejuvenate themselves ?


Just one small example - Office Secretaries of many of the Top Management Executives of Siemens in Germany, work out of India, near our capital, New Delhi.

Because it is too expensive to hire (and impossible to fire) a secretary in Germany. Again, people have pointed out the example of a country like Finland.

It's economy is hugely dependent on just one company Nokia, a major player in the Global Mobile and Wireless Business. Last year, it accounted for 35 per cent of all Finland's exports and 15 per cent of it's GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

So, if the global wireless business turns weak, a whole country is at risk, not just a single company.

So, the question to ask is :

Is any place on the earth safe ? Yes.

The Internet is SAFE.

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