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Immigration to Canada

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Down Arrow Suggestions for a Software Professional immigrating to Canada from India

Canada has had an attractive merit points based selection program for immigrants for the last many years.

Some suggestions for a SAP ABAP/4 software professional intending to shift to Canada and pursue a SAP BW career there are given below.

1.0 - First, it is not easy to settle in Canada unless you have specific Canada recognized skillsets and Canada specific job experience.

This is based on feedback from people who have gone there and returned to India.

Of course, individual capabilities and perceptions vary.

I do not know in which part of Canada you are shifting, if you have knowledge of basic verbal and written French, that would help.

2.0 - The above said, SAP BW jobs are available in Canada. This link titled SAP-Specific Back End Database Knowledge has some more information on basic SAP BW career requirements.

Also, your SAP and other technical skillsets would be useful for prospective Canadian employers.

However you may need to gain essential Canada specific business knowledge by pursuing either a Canadian organization

based or Canadian recognized distance education course from India or by joining one, once you get there.

3.0 - Inter-personal communication and presentation skills in English are extremely important.

Broadly speaking, the Indian education system unfortunately does not lay much stress on the same.

You will need to also work on your resume presentation, if you have not already done the same.

You may look at the Resume Tips link on our website that could also possibly help.

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4.0 - In most other cases, people moving from India to Canada have not been able to leverage from their India experience. They have to start all over again.

Their starting pay scales are equivalent to a fresh person without any Canadian experience.

What I meant by Canada-specific skillsets in 1.0 above was work experience in organizations that are known and recognised in Canada - either large Multinational

Organizations or companies with Canadian employees, business partners or business interests.

Also, your educational qualifications from India may not be recognized in Canada.

You need to check the same before you go there.

5.0 - Additional non-technical learnings that you could perhaps acquire besides the important points mentioned in 1.0 above are 'soft' cultural and social skills, knowledge of Canadian history, tradition, culture, etc.

Perhaps, you could also do a public speaking course from India before you go there.

All these will add value to your technical skills.

Lastly, all of us who travel abroad must not forget that we are also our country's ambassadors at all times.

Whenever we get the opportunity in private or public engagements, we must also take time to communicate effectively our knowledge of India's history, culture and tradition to foreigners.

It builds goodwill, value and lasting relationships.

Gray Arrow Tip - Kindly research & check credentials first hand of all opportunities in Canada before immigrating permanently.

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