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Vision of Flexible Un-Rigid Information Systems

Independent Of Technology, Function, Business

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Business Consulting Perspective

Albert Einstein Gray Arrow " One has to move to a higher level of thinking to solve earlier problems created at lower levels. "

Information Technology is in it's early days yet. (Not even 5 to 6 decades old.)

In earlier days, to translate a page from say English to any other language, one would need a specialised interpreter or translator. Maybe not any longer in the not so far off future.

Many software organizations are attempting to develop automatic translation engines between different software technologies and languages.

Today, a C++ programmer perhaps cannot debug a Java or ABAP/4 program easily today.

English is perhaps a global universal language and medium of communication today.

Similarly, future software developers will have universal languages for their communication and software development work.

The C#, ABAP/4 or Java programmer or SQL, UML, XML developer or Oracle, SQL Server Database Developer or even an Assembly Language / COBOL programmer will have a common abstract language that all of them can easily understand and relate to.

Down Arrow The Vision of Flexible and Un-rigid Information Systems Independent of Technology, Function, Business is possible via a Twin Approach of Information Systems Analysis and Design at an Abstract Level along with a Generic Software Development Process.

Gray Arrow First, Via Abstract Generic Thinking, Software Analysis and Design of the following Business and Organizational Resources from the Real World :

Square Separator Men Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages Square Separator

In every organization, the generic principles governing the above M's are the same. e.g. SAP - An ERP Software's Modules mapped to the above M's.

Gray Arrow Second, Via A Generic Systems Development Approach Independent of Technology, Function or Industry / Business Segment.

Where Information Systems are designed and developed at a Generic Level which is higher than the level of Individual Specific Technology, Function and Business Knowledge.

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Gray Arrow An Approach To Generic Software Knowledge.

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