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" Understanding Software Requirements"

" Both, An Art and A Science. "

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Kaytek believes in solving our customer's problems.

It need not necessarily mean only providing a solution developed by us.

Understanding and delivering on customer requirements correctly is the only guarantee of a strong foundation for a long term satisfactory solution.

Expressing software requirements effectively poses difficulty.

Also, their dynamic changing nature makes the same even more challenging.

Software professionals live with software project requirements changing all the time.

Every software project requirement change leads to additional resources being spent on the project and also affecting committed calendar schedules and hence the software budgets.

A Requirements Study for a Customer's Software Project is the starting step of our Software Development Process & Methodology.

In case a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document (or Technical Specifications Document) needs to be prepared for the proposed project, we can help the customer to do so.

As per ESA, the software methodology followed by Kaytek for some of it's projects, Requirements are expressed at two stages :

Gray Arrow First, Definition of User Requirements (UR) Phase.

Gray Arrow Next, Definition of Software Requirements (SR) Phase.

Each of the two phases are separate and are documented sequentially.

A one to one mapping between the User and Software requirements documents causes the requirements to be traceable between the two phases and also subsequently.

Down Arrow Can an Offshore Supplier handle Requirements effectively ?

Business Analyst specifying the user Requirements must communicate effectively with a Software Analyst who in turn creates the software requirements.

As Software Projects Requirements Management progresses from being an Art to a Science, there will be really no difference between onshore and offshore.

An engineer in the room can be as effective as one sitting thousands of miles away if there is clear cut communication between the two.

There has to be tighter integration between Requirements Management Tools and High level Business Process Modelling Languages and Software Packages.

It will happen in due course of time.

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