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Has The Time Come ?

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

This 'Un-romantic' article's viewpoint to embrace offshore outsourcing whole-heartedly was written on the very Romantic Valentine Day weekend of February 2004.

Has the Time come ?

TIME Magazine has Your Job on this week's (March 2004) cover story.

The article is quite exhaustive and offers a list of jobs that are perhaps most vulnerable to Offsourcing.

Time Come for What ?

Perhaps you may ask.

To leap ahead of the Offshoring Dagger-Drawn Deep-Divisive Debate Pack.

To ask oneself, How could this help me ?

Possibly, away from How would this hurt me ?

Not an Instant-Insourcing-Injection, but perhaps some Timely-Thoughts ?

To perhaps look at ...

When Offshore ?


Why Offshore ?

To ask oneself, " What is in it for me ? "

At the end of the day, that is only what really matters.

This weekend comes only once in four years.

Remember, it's a Leap Year !

Oh ! Yes !

Perhaps Offshoring is An Idea whose Time has come !!

In this Leap Year, Let's Learn To Leverage It Lustily !!

Life-Long !!!

While Our Competitors Sleep !

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