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Gray Arrow Weblog - Globalization does hurt !!!

( Posted on 9th March 2006 )

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Gray Arrow Some Tough Questions To Ask Yourself NOW... Is my Job, Company, Any Place Safe ?

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Down Arrow US Airline JETBLUE's CEO on How To Save American Businesses ...

Gray Arrow "Furry Slippers..... Are you a Weirdo ?"

Down Arrow For IT Companies and Individuals

Down Arrow Learnings From India's Big 3 Global IT Services Players - Infosys, TCS, WIPRO...

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Big Blue Bash ! "

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Gray Arrow " Perhaps, Murphy's law Extended Offshore. "

Down Arrow Serious (UnRomantic) Thoughts for the Valentine Weekend...

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Down Arrow Innovative Prison Management Ideas...

Gray Arrow " Safe, Inside A Prison "

Down Arrow The Ides Of March...

Gray Arrow " Better Beware."

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