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Questions that got it started

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

This article was first written as an Offshoring Weblog from India on a global technology knowledge sharing website.

Questions that got it started.

Question - 1 : Long-term implications of Offshore Outsourcing...

What happens when you mix up Coke with Sprite ? ( As Kids do.)

You get a Hybrid Drink.

So, the short answer.

Gray Arrow Hybrid Organizations

Gray Arrow Cultures and

Gray Arrow Work Practices.

Between A Diverse Work force spread all over the world.

In different geographies and time zones.

Truly enabling a 24 Hour Business and Global Operation.

Mix N Match.

Between different Business and Social Cultures.

Best Of Breed.

Combining the Best Ideas of the West.

With Economic Execution in the East.

Why East ?

Because the Center of Gravity for Cheap Volume Manufacturing has shifted to China.

The Factory of the World.

The Center of Gravity for Services is also shifting fast to India and the other countries in the Asian sub continent.

India as the Services Factory of the World is an Idea that is spreading furiously across all business and industrial sectors globally.

Question - 2 : Impact Of Offshore Outsourcing on Services Pricing and Organizational structures..


No Brainer.

Depending on the currency fluctations between the Dollar and other currencies, pricing could vary.

Organizational Structures would be flexible.

Just In Time Organizations.

Geared to Dynamically Meet Fluctuating Work and Business Requirements.

Transparent Ethical Operations.


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Posted on 24th February 2005

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