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Development need not be synonymous with non-democratic governments - e.g the fast pace of development in USA in the past leading to their developed nation status.

In India too, as Chandrababu Naidu in the past and the current Chief Ministers of Gujarat, Bihar, West Bengal have done & are trying to do, development can also happen with democracies.

Also, one has to keep in mind the scales & sizes of the respective populations.

The scope and complexity of issues facing Dubai & Singapore as City-States is very different from that of large countries like India.

As one of the esteemed professors from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University on a visit to Mumbai a few months back, insightfully remarked " The scale of problems to run a country of such a large size like India with 1.2 Billion people is far different from Singapore with just 4 million people".

Also, as the economy (and perhaps the Sensex also) is demonstrating, if India continues on this path for atleast next 3 decades, then perhaps we can see poverty being completely banished in our lifetimes.

Democracy does give the advantage of it's 4 pillars - The Executive, The Legislature, The Judiciary and the Media.

It takes non-democratic countries a lot of time to even start creating institutions around the above 4 pillars. Classic examples are India's neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

It is a wonder as to how 2 similar countries (India & Pakistan) got freedom around the same time and were led by iconic leaders (Nehru & Jinnah) & yet one country has developed democratically whereas the other is still struggling.

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