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India As A Market For Your Products & Services

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Down Arrow Perceptions About India Need Some Re-Thinking...

Gray Arrow " Perhaps, Past Perceptions need a Push. "

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Down Arrow CISCO C-Suite Executives Move To India !

The US Internet Giant CISCO announced a few years ago that they were shifting their top most senior managers to Bangalore.

The reason was not because of low costs but because they wanted to be where the future economic action would be.

According to CISCO, being located in Bangalore gave them access to almost 50% of their future potential markets in Asia Pacific within 8 hours flying distance.

Down Arrow " Diversity Daringly Drives Dynamic Development "

Gray Arrow HP and Intel are developing 'Rural PC' and appropriate Business Models for India's 70%+ rural population (800 Million People ?? ) who cannot easily access electricity today.

What have HP and Intel seen that the other Global IT companies have not yet realised ? Think.

Easy Entry Into A Billion People Plus Market ?

" Doing Business in India is probably as rough and exciting as finding oil in Texas in 1890. Hopefully, as profitable, too.

There are great opportunities in adapting good quality foreign products for emerging economies like India.

India's large Billion plus population along with high economic growth rates is a huge magnet for value priced appropriate technology products and services.

Reputed Foreign Brands also have a natural edge and affinity in India. "

Gray Arrow Mumbai as India's financial capital.

Down Arrow Rise of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Nations...

Gray Arrow " R's Roar Rapidly...... "

Gray Arrow Retailing In India - Some Kaytek Experiences & Perspectives.

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