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A to Z of Offshoring / OffSourcing....

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Haltingly, Improvise !

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Down Arrow Gradually, Haltingly, Improvise !

The Key is to first get started.

From then on, just as a child makes slow, steady steps ahead and gains gradual confidence, the Offsourcing Operation needs to be improvised steadily.

Follow The US Quality Guru Edward Deming's P-D-C-A (Plan Do Check Act) Philosophy to move ahead.

First, Plan the Offshoring Operation well in advance.

There are multiple activities that would need to be done for proper planning of the same.

What are the objectives of the Pilot Offshoring project ? What are the risks in offshoring the same ?

Can the project be pulled back onshore in case the offshoring fails. Who are the people assigned to the project ?

Do they the track record, the cultural experience, the background (business, technical and cultural) to sucessfully jump start the offshoring project ?

Have they actually worked in the country where the offshoring is planned to be done ?

Have the key project operational success metrics been identified ? Are people aware of the same ?

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