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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Can A Company create software like McDonalds produces burgers ?

Can an organization create a McDonalds kind of a global operation
in software development ?

Anywhere you buy a burger at McDonalds the quality is same and manufacturing time/cost is predictable reliable. Can we visualise the same scenario for software production ?

McDonalds has a 10,000 page + operations manual where their complete workings are documented for training and guiding young inexperienced people.

Most of their operational staff are all young people out of college. (Same is the situation with the Indian software industry here).

The disadvantage that McDonalds has with respect to the software industry is that you cannot transmit burgers over the Net.

But software can be shipped ( and associated services can be provided ) using the Net as a medium.

Also, an advantage that a software company has is that it can get reasonably more intelligent people than those attracted towards McDonalds to make burgers.

The advantage that McDonalds has is that the ingredients and the making
process for a burger are pretty standard and straightforward.

The disadvantage that a software organization has is that the requirements for a software are neither simple nor standard.

So the Question to ask is

How does the software industry transform the art (??) of software development to a science of delivering individual customized sofware and associated services to global customers with McDonalds Burger Production like standardised processes and cheap price-points ?

Is it possible ?

Andrew Grove , Ex-Intel Chief - says " Every manufacturing operation can be reduced to three basic steps - Process ( converting some input to some output ), Assembly of the same and Testing ".

So the key issue is - Can the IT software development process be standardized to deliver high quality, high volume, low priced (and customized) offerings ?


It is not easy but not impossible.

Also, if it can be done for software, then why not for other IT services ?

Further, if it can be done for IT services, why not for other non-IT services also ?

Think about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I maybe a bit late to reply to this topic. But what a thought. Got to give you credit. Macus follows standardistaion and belives in strealining everything... Need to give it some thought.

Good idea thought!! :D

March 17, 2006 3:34 AM  

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