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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Global Warming affecting Mumbai ?

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India.

On World Earth Day 2007, some thoughts on the future impact of Global Warming on Mumbai.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

China beats the US in the One Million US Dollar Per Minute race.

Earlier, it was reported that the US was borrowing at the rate of 1 US Million Dollars per minute from the rest of the world.

China has beat the US in the One Million US Dollar Per Minute benchmark.

No. Not in borrowing from others.

But in ensuring that it's foreign exchange reserves increase by the same speed.


The latest quarter's data shows that China has increased it's foreign exchange reserves at the rate of 1 US Million Dollars per minute in the last quarter.

Time to think.

Today, India claims that it is the leader in Global Offshore Outsourcing.

Will China beat India ?


Saturday, December 23, 2006

From 'Inc' to 'Ind'

2006 has heralded the importance of the individual.

You and Me.

Time Magazine has also named us as the persons of the year.

The 'Ind' for Individual has become more powerful than the 'Inc'.

'Inc' meaning Corporations and Organizations.

The Journey to 2007 can be thus described as the movement from 'Inc' to 'Ind'.

PS : The patriot in me is also whispering that 'Ind' stands for 'India'.

Will 2007 witness a global corporate power shift to India ?


Friday, December 08, 2006

Indian Medical Education needs a surgical systemic overhaul

The Indian Express story below urgently underscores the need for the Indian medical system to work hard to ensure that it's skillsets and qualifications are harmonised with the rest of the developed countries.

Otherwise, it will cause immense damage to Indian doctors as well as prospects for medical tourism in India.

Currently the US is a world leader in this area. India has a good chance to compete with the US if similar to the Indian IT global success story, Indian medical professionals can demonstrate that just like software engineers, their skills and experience in India are second to none in the world.

However, the medical education system (along with others systems) needs to be fixed for the same to happen on a permanent sustainable basis.

Otherwise stories like the one below will cause unforseen damage to the global reputation of Indian doctors practising in India. The ones who have cleared the foreign licentiate medical boards and are staying overseas have perhaps already proved their credibility.

For the global reputational capital of medical doctors in India to increase and for medical tourism to succeed as India's next big story and for the millions of India's poor patients, the system needs to be fixed permanently.

Pharmaecutical Companies and Globally respected doctors, medical professionals and other opinion leaders should take the lead in influencing government policies in this direction.

Whatever can be done for a vision for Low cost, High Volume, High Value Medical delivery systems in India (the most appropriate model for Indian conditions) as against alternative models usually prevalent in Developed economies, we should be willing to give it a shot.

A System consists of the 3 T's - Teams of People, Tools-Technologies and Tradition (Processes of doing things). (

We need to look at the Medical Education System from a fresh perspectives in all the T's mentioned above and identify the most demanding changes required to bring our Indian medical educational system's global reputation, perception, recognition in line with the rest of the world.

Interpol seeks Dr Death's academic records

Hiral DavePosted online: Friday, December 08, 2006 at 0000 hrs Print Email

RAJKOT, DECEMBER 7: The Interpol has sought information and academic records of Dr Jayant Patel, a doctor trained in India, who has been termed Dr Death in Australia, for causing deaths of at least 87 patients.
While a special inquiry committee has been set up by the Australian government against Patel's conduct, the Interpol wants to know whether the degree and other academic records he produced to practise in Australia were genuine. Patel, who hails from Jamnagar, obtained his MBBS degree from MP Shah Medical College, which is affiliated to the Saurashtra University.

A two-member CBI team from Gandhinagar today checked Patel's academic records and got the copies of necessary documents. "Interpol has asked to provide his degree certificate and related documents,'' said CBI Gujarat SP Rahul Sharma.

The CBI role, however, is limited to providing the documents even amid speculation that Patel could be hiding in Gujarat, where his mother and sister live.

Patel, according to Saurashtra University examination controller Dhiren Pandya, has been holding an MS degree which he received in 1976. Grandson of Keshav Patel, deputy CM of erstwhile Saurashtra state in the government of Uchchangrai Dhedar, Jayant never practised medicine in India. Soon after his training as general surgeon, he immigrated to the US where he received further surgical training at the University of Rochester School of Medicine as a surgical intern and resident of surgery. He began to raise alarm bells in 1984 at a Buffalo hospital where New York health officials cited Patel for failing to examine patients before surgery.
Patel then left for Queensland, Australia. Till February 2005, Patel was head of surgery department at Bundaberg Hospital, but reportedly fled the country after news of his misdoings surfaced.

Fourteen members of the Patel family are doctors. Declared absconding by Australia, Patel had reportedly last visited Jamnagar in 2003 to speak on hepatobiliary ( diseases of the liver and bile ducts) at a conference of the Indian Medical Association.

Patel has been linked with deaths due to complications and negligence during surgery like accidentally severing a patient's urethra and leaving a syringe inside a patient's stomach.

According to reports, the deaths by negligence came to light after Toni Hoffman, a senior nurse in Bundaberg hospital reported them to authorities. Queensland authority has accused him of lying about his past to get the job. Reports also said Patel tried to cover up the deaths due to botched surgery by issuing false death certificates and withholding bodies from being sent for autopsy. He would later arrange for the bodies to be prematurely released to undertakers to ensure they were not examined by pathologists


Friday, November 03, 2006

How to minimize problems regarding hiring and retention of software talent ?

On one of the online forums, the above has been a hot topic for discussion.

My 3 simple suggestions :

1.0 - Writing less software, by automated discovery and improved understanding of existing software programs and code via tools.

2.0 - Continously increasing Software Productivity.

3.0 - Utilising Non-Software People as Developers.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Can Indian software companies produce world-class software packages ?

On one of the global electronic ERP forums, there was a doubt raised as to whether Indian software companies can produce world class ERP software packages.

Why not ?

India has the momentum currently both in terms of numbers and quality of both software developers and consumers.

IT spends in India have the world's highest growth rate - 26 % (again a Forrester figure).

The only problem is the booming domestic economy, which makes businesses complacent and reluctant to look at improvement of their internal and external systems and operations. (It it ain't broken, why fix it ? ( :- ).

The US is far ahead of India in this respect which is also reflected in the periodic Annual Global Competitiveness Rankings Reports that are published.

So as we go ahead, as India becomes more globally integrated and competitive leading to local businesses demanding world class solutions, this will trigger a demand and automatic fallout of more software companies launching original software packages developed in India, tested against a demanding domestic market and globally branded as Indian solutions.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An Indian Software Company to overtake Microsoft by 2020 ?

That is the statement made by Hatim Tyabji, Founder of Verifone in an interview to Business Standard.

Hard to Believe for people in the software business ?

You can read the rest of the interview here and judge for yourself.