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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Globalization does hurt !!!

In one of US Magazines, I was reading about a disgruntled reader's dismay at being without a paycheck for more than 200 weeks due to offshoring of his job.

However, even though he has mentioned China as the 51st state of the US, he has forgotten to mention that because of China's low cost manufacturing and supply chain to the US via WALMART, Americans are able to enjoy one of the world's lowest inflation rates, inspite of the US dollar being so weak.

In my humble opinion, the answer for such scenarios is more education to provide the right perspective and correct wrong misconceptions about Offshoring.

You may find some articles that will (hopefully) help correct many mis-perceptions about Offshoring here.

Also, lastly as any major US outsourcing organization will tell you, it starts with low costs, but remains offshore due to perhaps better quality.

Our website has such stories and experiences of American business leaders and organizations.

But, Yes.

Globalization does hurt ordinary folks all over the world.

Whether in Boston, Beijing or Bangalore.

Who cannot keep pace with Global Change.

The answer for them is perhaps higher value-add, more relevant local skill levels.

Not protectionism.


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