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Thursday, June 23, 2005

ERP Training - Time for a Re-Think ?

It is sad to know that inspite of horror stories of people not getting proper jobs after getting trained on ERP software, many people are still jumping on the bandwagon.

ERP Training is serious business, not a casual course to be done by roadside Training Vendors (if one may call them that).

Sadly, even the authorised training institutions of established global ERP Vendors mis-lead many people into believing that lucrative ERP careers await one and all.

This must change for the betterment of the Indian IT Industry.


Blogger Pawan said...

Well, Sir, I have also recently joined a training institution that made me believe that ERP careers are lucrative and will put me on right careet path for life. But after reading through this post, I am actually re-thinking if at all I have made the right decision or not. So is it that there still exist horror stories of people not getting proper jobs in ERP career also? Since I have already started with this, would you be suggesting a better way of going through this whole process and finding a "PROPER JOB?"

9:25 PM  
Blogger Mahesh Khatri said...


Do not be misled by lucrative and false promises given by some training institutions.

Kindly visit our website's ERP section at for answers to your other queries.

Best of luck in your career.

Mahesh Khatri.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Surabhi said...

i totally agree with your opinion in this scenario. I am myself an Engineer with an year of work experience in the field of ERP for a telecom company and for a munufacturing firm. Currently i am pursuing an MBA in IT itself. As my interest has also been into the field of ERP; i am again planning to seek a career advancement in this field. But i am not sure of what role in the organization should i look for in order to stay connected to the same and rise up the ladder in an efficient manner yet following the shortest route . Kindly guide me through the same.

2:44 PM  

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