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Monday, August 15, 2005

Is Growth Possible without ERP ?

I believe that growth without ERP is not possible.

My suggestions to all organizations considering ERP is the following :

First, make your management understand that organizations cannot grow without ERP either in the areas of Revenue Maximization, Expense Minimization and Increasing Stakeholder Satisfaction.

Sell the ERP Idea internally.

Then only negotiate the Final ERP Features and Figures with the ERP Vendors.

That would ensure long term ERP success.


Blogger alfredchinta said...

I agree that having an ERP system helps in growth of a company without having to invest heavily in human resources or information systems

However traditional growth in company have shown growth in the pre IS or E-business era. The difference would be that ERP dependant companies can have processes that are efficient when scaling the scales

Alfred Chinta

8:16 AM  

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