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Greedily Gulping The Globalization Gravy

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This article was first published in 2004 as an Offshoring Weblog (Blog Author ID Number 13) from India on a global technology knowledge sharing website.

Greedily Gulping the Globalization Gravy.

The Globalization Gravy just got hotter and spicier.

US 2 Trillion $ is the estimated annual figure spent on the IT Services Gravy Globally.

2000,000,000,000 US Dollars.

That is 2 followed by 12 Zeroes.

The size of the Global IT Services Market.

A 13 Digit Number.

Number 13 again !

Did I not warn you that my webblog ID Number 13 was perhaps unlucky for some of you ?

Like many global organizations who were unable to enjoy or digest their right portions of the 13 Digit IT Gravy.

Hence Globalization !

To Trim The Two Trillion !

Management's T5.

Talking of Two, there were 2 major points made to my article of 2nd April 2004.

First, the need for effective communication.

Both across distances.

And The Gap between The Technology and The Business People.

Absolutely On Target.

Except that the 280 Million Miles of Fibre-Optic Cable enough to circle the earth 11,320 times makes it possible for the two people to perhaps sit on the same IT table to discuss our differences and share our IT gravy together.

Irrespective of Geographic Location !!

Distance Differences Disappear fast !

Like the fumes of a hot gravy !

The 2nd Point was Offshore as Technical Innovation & Production Support Centers.

Great Idea !

With Two Thoughts though !!

First, Innovation and Production Support, both have to deliver !

Second, Both in Technology & Business.


Whether in Chennai Or California.

No Excuses in this 13 Digit Global IT Kitchen.


Because the IT Kitchen keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

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Posted on 22nd February 2005

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