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Harvard Business School's Nicholas Carr's Article " IT Doesn't Matter "... in the May 2003 Edition of the Harvard Business Review raised a lot of questions as to whether Information Technology had outlived it's effectiveness for organizations in the marketplace.

We had earlier argued that IT did matter.


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Carr was right in the sense of commoditization of IT from the supply side.

Where he was perhaps wrong was in implying that the same commoditization has also happened on the IT Usage side.

That is absolutely NOT the case.

Imagine the Internet-enabled IT Infrastructure to be like an ocean all across the planet.

In the ocean, water is a commodity.

( Fresh water, perhaps not ).

" Water water everwhere, not a drop to drink."

In the same ocean, you have fish of various sizes and shapes from the tiny ones to the giant whales and sharks.

Both consume water within which they live (just as organizations use the Internet enabled IT infrastructure and consume IT services today).

Where organizations differ is the extent of IT usage in their operations.

Smaller organizations (like smaller fish) who are not able to utilise this powerful infrastructure perhaps continue to remain small.

Larger organizations consume IT in a proportionately higher fashion ; (hopefully) driving their journey ahead in a spiral of increasing IT led productivity growth.

Just as in the Ocean, the problem is not in the Internet enabled IT infrastructure and it's services (the water).

It is in it's depth and breadth of consumption and effective utilisation.

Some organizations can happily thrive in their IT usage.

Many cannot.

Where is your organization in the Internet enabled IT Ocean ?

Is it swimming or is it sinking ?

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Posted on 6th March 2006

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